'Altogether' Adjustable Sock Chart

Chart 1 - Upper Top

Chart 2 - Lower Top

Chart 3 - Upper Bottom

Chart 4 - Lower Bottom


To use this adjustable sock chart, you could save the images to your computer, then print each on a separate piece of paper. Paste the pages together, then either cut or fold the chart to take away or add stitches and/or rows. Number the new chart if desired. If you add stitches, you'll need to decide if you want the short-rowed sections for the heel and toe to still end up with 7 stitches at the narrowest part or if you want to end up with maybe 8 or 9. If you add stitches and then short-row until there are only 7 stitches left as on the original chart, the toe or heel will be longer too because it will take more rows of knitting to get there.

I have knitted many socks from the original chart but not one in a different size so you might have to experiment a little to get one that fits the foot you are making it for. Happy Knitting!


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