The easiest way to start is with a small piece of waste knitting. Any old sample swatch, wide enough for the needles in use, will do. There's no need for the hem with weights, a couple of claw weights or something similar will do fine. And you'll need bobby pins, for this size about 70.

Push 15 needles through the waste knitting. Hang two claw weights on waste knitting close to the top. Knit one row with ravel cord manually or with the carriage. Put a clip on both ends of the ravel cord so it doesn't pull loose.

CAST ON & KNIT CUFF: With main yarn, manually knit one row of large stitches from left to right. Cut a strip of cardboard 3/8" wide, place it behind needles and form stitches by pulling needles back against strip. Hang a clip or clothes pin on beginning yarn tail to keep first stitch from getting too large.

COR. Thread up carriage with main yarn. Hang a bobby pin over main yarn on right side where it comes up from the waste knitting leading to the carriage.

Set RC = 000. Knit to the left without pulling up too much of the slack so the first stitch doesn't get much smaller than the rest. Put a bobby pin over the yarn where it comes out of the last stitch just knitted. Push it close to the needle. Pull up slack in yarn but not too tightly - bobby pin might get caught in hook of needle if you do. Knit back to the right. Each time before you knit back in the opposite direction, hang a bobby pin over the yarn - it will become knitted in and make the loops that are used for seaming easy to find. After a while, the pins will turn towards the center of the knitted piece, they won't get into your way. Knit to to RC = 009. COL.

CONVERT FOR RIB (K2, P1 on right side): Count down 9 purl bumps below second needle on the left side of the bed. Put hook of latch tool through stitch under ninth bump and release that stitch from the needle at the top. Ladder back up, replace stitch on needle. Repeat with stitch columns 5, 8, 11, and 14.

UPPER FRONT & TOP OF FOOT SECTION OF SOCK: Continue to knit, hanging bobby pins over yarn at beginning of each row until row counter = 065, COL. Hang one last bobby pin over yarn at beginning of next row and also put outside needle on right edge into holding position. Knit to right. There should be an equal number of pins on both sides of the knitting (33 each side for this size).


NOTE: Claw weights have to be moved up just about every row to help the remaining stitches knit and not lift off needles while short-rowing.

RC = 066, COR: Bring yarn down under and back up over needle in holding position (= needle wrapped to avoid hole). Take up slack in yarn. Put last needle on left edge into HP. Knit to left. Wrap yarn around needle in HP as on the right side. Put 2nd needle from right edge into HP, knit to the right.


Continue to bring needle on edge opposite of carriage to holding position, knit. Each time wrap yarn around needle just put into HP before knitting back to other side until there are 4 wrapped needles on the right edge in holding position and 3 wrapped needles on the left edge in holding position.

RC = 073 COL: Wrap yarn around needle just put into HP and push the needle last wrapped on the opposite side of the bed back to FWP. Knit to the right.

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