RIBBING (K2, P1 on right side): Count down 9 purl bumps below second needle on the left side of the bed. Put hook of latch tool through stitch under ninth bump and release that stitch from the needle at the top. Ladder back up, replace stitch on needle. Repeat with stitch columns 5, 8, 11, and 14.

The next few pics are of a green sock to show details a little more clearly.

BIND OFF: Beginning on the left side, put latch hook through first purl stitch from back through to front. Remove stitch from needle by either lifting it up and off or by pushing the needle all the way forward, then pulling it all the way towards the back of the bed. Let stitch slide behind latch of tool. Put latch hook tool through next stitch (knit stitch) from front through to back. Remove stitch from needle as above and pull it through stitch already on tool. Continue with remaining stitches on bed, always putting hook through purl stitches from back to front and through knit stitches from front to back and pulling the next stitch through the stitch already on tool.


The piece is now off the machine, one loop is on the hook and 15 stitches remain on ravel cord. Remove claw weights, clips. Fold waste yarn knitting to the back, holding the sock so you are looking down inside it. The rib stitches on WY look a little different than the ones just bound off because they are upside down and do not have a loop paired with a stitch as usual. Bind them off just the same by keeping to the same sequence as before. The first stitch is a purl stitch (pic on left) so put the latch hook tool through it from the back through to the front. The second stitch is a knit stitch (pic on right), put hook through from front to back. The next two stitches are purl stitches, the next a knit stitch, the next two purl stitches, etc. to the last stitch which is a purl stitch.

Enlarge last loop to keep it from unraveling. Pull out ravel cord. Waste yarn knitting will fall off. Cut main yarn leaving a length for seaming.

Turn sock around so you are looking at the last loop from the right side. The yarn tail from the beginning of the knitting is used to finish the bind-off. Pulling on it will make the last loop smaller.

Adjust the last loop so it is the same size as the rest and pull the yarn tail all the way through it (pic on left).

Put latch hook tool through both bars of the next bound- off stitch to the left and pull the yarn tail through it to the inside (pic on right).

Put latch hook tool from back to front through the back bar of the same stitch that the yarn tail came out of previously (pic on left).

Yarn over hook and pull tail through to inside (pic on right). Weave in both yarn ends.


Sock is finished and 'Altogether'!

For a frilly finish, work 3 single crochets into each bound off stitch with a contrasting yarn.

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