'Altogether' Striped Sock

After trying many different ways, this method of carrying up the color seemed to be the least visible from the right side.

At the very beginning, weave new color over and under a few needles behind the open latches so that it ends under the last needle on the right. Take old color out of carriage, thread up with new color. (If using the ISM, you don't have to remove the old yarn from the wire guide. You can push it towards the front edge of the wire guide and it will follow along as you knit till you need it again.) Hang clip on yarn tail and bobby pin over yarn.
Hang MY over first needle behind latch from right to left. Put clip on yarn. Knit to left.
Knit to right. Hang old color over 2nd needle from left to right. Put clip on yarn. Knit to left.
Whenever the color changes, thread up carriage with new color....

...then bring old color up over new color and hang from right to left on 1st needle.

(When seaming sides, hang loop on needle first, then the yarn.)

Hang clip on yarn. Hang bobby pin. Knit two rows....

....hang old yarn over 2nd needle from left to right. Hang bobby pin. Knit two rows.

When shaping toe and heel, second color can be carried up, there's no need to cut it.


Upper Half of Striped Sock Chart

Lower Half of Striped Sock Chart

For a large chart, save images to your computer and print to fit the page.

Sock is knitted the same as the basic sock but start with 8 rows for the cuff, convert columns for ribbing, then knit an additional plain row with the same color. At the end, knit nine rows + the extra row of large stitches, then put latch hook tool through stitch 8 purl bumps below needle and convert for rib.

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