Barbie Pillowghan

Afghan Chart



Follow chart from left bottom edge, upwards. The extra stitches on the left side below the main portion of the chart are the edging stitches that the afghan is started with. The ones below the chart on the right side are the live stitches from the very first row of the same edging that are rehung once the scallops for the lower edge have been completed. The blue squares every sixth row mean that the floats are pulled down here and rehung to form one scallop. The blue squares near the center are the stitches that are cabled every tenth row, the dark purple squares are the stitch columns that are reformed to purl stitches.

The edging is continued past the last row of the afghan and then joined to the top edge, the last three live edging stitches are joined to the three live edging stitches on the right side of the afghan with the Kitchener Stitch.


Pillow Chart



Follow chart from left bottom edge, upwards. The purple squares on the outside of the chart mean that two extra rows are knitted here manually only across the outside two stitches on each edge. The blue line across the top is where the pillow should be folded. As the decreases for the flap begin, the floats are pulled up and rehung every three rows with two extra rows being manually knitted across only the two outside stitches each time the carriage is on that side. This is to keep the scallops looking curved. Please let me know if you find any errors!


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