Crochet Motifs and Assembly of Edging

Each motif measures 2" in diameter. Use hook size F or size needed to obtain gauge.

Chain 5 and slip stitch through first chain to form circle:


Round 1: 8 sc into circle (fold yarn tail into circle under chain and crochet over it, then pull up when motif is finished). Join with slip stitch in top of first sc.


Round 2: Pull up loop (about 1/2" to top of hook), yo, then insert hook into same sc, *pull yarn through sc making loop as tall as the first one, repeat twice more in same stitch. Yarn over and pull through all 7 loops on needle (cluster stitch made), chain 3, yo, insert hook into next sc **, repeat from * to ** for a total of 8 cluster stitches. Join with slip stitch through top of first cluster stitch.


Round 3: Chain one, *sc in next ch3 space, chain 3, sc in same ch3 space, slip stitch in top of next cluster stitch**, repeat from * to ** 7 more times, end with slip stitch in first chain of row.

NOTE: Beginning with second motif, join motifs together on third row for band (see diagram) as follows: Line motifs up wrong sides together so that the last two unworked ch3 spaces of row 2 of the motif that is being worked on at the moment face two of the ch3 spaces of the last row of the other motif. Then sc in second to last ch3 space, chain 1, hook through ch3 space of last row of other motif, yo, pull hook through, ch1, then sc in same ch3 space of motif that is being worked. Slip stitch in top of next cluster stitch, sc in last ch3 space, ch1, then hook through next ch3 space of other motif, pull through, ch1, sc in same ch3 space of motif being worked, slip st through first chain of row.


After knitting and connecting 19 motifs in one straight strip to go around the bottom edge, join the remaining ones for the front edge and neck opening like this:

There are actually seven motifs along each front edge but I couldn't get them all under the scanner. The top of the picture shows the front neck opening, the three motifs along the neck side edge and a partial view of the (four) motifs along the back neck edge.

The diagram shows how many stitches to pick up for the initial row of single crochets around the outer edges of the bolero once it has been seamed together.

I found it helpful to tie little pieces of yarn through a stitch at the corners, the center back, and at the shoulder seams as I was going along to help me keep track of the number of stitches I had already picked up. That way if I was interrupted, I didn't have to start counting all over again!

Below is a drawing of how the strip is attached to the outer edges:

The stitch arrangement around the inside corners looks a bit awkward in the drawing but will be ok when worked.

As shown in the drawing, motifs are usually attached to the bolero edge this way on the second row: *2 sc into edge, chain 1, slip stitch into corresponding ch3 space of motif, ch1, slip stitch into side of first chain (pick up two loops of yarn), 4 sc into edge, chain 1, slip stitch into next corresponding ch3 space of motif, ch1, slip stitch into side of first chain (pick up two loops of yarn), 2 sc into edge, chain 3, slip stitch into stitch connecting two corresponding motifs, chain 3, slip stitch into side of first chain**, repeat from * to **. Only around the bottom edge, the "4 sc into edge" alternates with "5 sc into edge" as shown on the diagram above the drawing.

For each sleeve, crochet and join 4 motifs to form a circle. Around each sleeve edge pick up and work 32 sc, then join motifs to sleeve edges as established above on second row.

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