Braided Christmas Wreath

This wreath is very easy to make and about 13" in diameter. I used 4-ply yarn and keyplate 3.



Bring forward 35 needles and hang weighted hem. Begin with open cast on and knit several rows with waste yarn. Using keyplate 3, knit 200 rows. Knit several more rows of waste yarn and remove from machine. Knit 3 pieces. Pieces will roll in on themselves, so there is no need to finish the sides.

Hold or pin pieces together at the top. Braid. If you are real ambitious (I wasn't!), you could join each piece at the ends with the Kitchener Stitch or you can just overcast them, then cover the seams with a bow.

For added support, you could cut out a cardboard ring, slightly smaller in diameter than the wreath (I always look around for a suitable round shape in the right size, such as a plate or a pot), make 2 small holes close together, at each the top, bottom, and sides and attach wreath with pieces of yarn. You could also glue it on, but I always like something that can be removed in case it gets dusty and needs to be washed.

The candy cane is made with a simple i-cord and Caron Christmas Glitter yarn. E-wrap 4 needles. Knit stitches in one direction, then put them in holding position and move the carriage back to the other side. Push needles back to forward working position and knit. Repeat those 2 rows throughout. Make a few stitches on the underside to form candy cane shape.


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