Frost Flowers

from Barbara Walker's book "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns"



This is one of my favorite lace patterns, it has multiples of 34 sts + 2 and repeats every 24 rows. The sample was knitted with Bernat Baby Sports yarn and keyplate 2.

I made a symbols chart for this pattern, but I found it much easier and quicker to work this pattern by making a little booklet for rows 1-4 and one for rows 13-16. I punched holes in the small pages and tied them together with short ends of yarn. Each row is one page and because the instructions are very much abbreviated, it is much easier to find and keep one's place (at least I thought so, I hope you'll agree!!). The page to make these little booklets from is below. Just cut it apart on the lines, punch holes in the pages and tie them together, then go through the row sequence 1-4 three times before moving on to the next little book (12 rows), then go through the row sequence 13-16 three times as well (another 12 rows, for a total of 24. Repeat throughout.

Here is what the lines mean, i.e.:

Each page lists the row number and the arrow shows the direction in which the carriage will move. When it says: "20 to 21 & back" it means to move stitch 20 to 21, then move both sts back to ndl 20. Move empty ndl forward with latch open.

When there is a (+4) in front of the st numbers it means that after the sts have been moved from i.e., "31 to 30 and back," the next four stitches need to be moved so that the empty needle is now filled with a stitch and there is an empty needle after the 4th stitch that was moved towards the decrease. Bring that needle to working position with latch open. (If you look at the symbol chart, you will know what I mean!)

"Reform: 10, 11, 24, and 25" means that these stitches need to be converted to knit stitches after the row has been knitted.

I did not reform the very last stitches that are on the outside edge of the repeats (those 2 extra sts, one on each side) and did not list them in the booklet. They are a real pain to convert, IMHO!



I hope that the numbers are legible, please let me know if they aren't and I'll be glad to send you the pattern scanned at a higher resolution. If you prefer to work from a symbol chart, click here. Oh, and I should mention that for all lace patterns, I tape a strip of freezer tape folded over lengthwise so that only about half of sticky part shows on top of my needle bed right next to the needle retainer bar. I make it as long as the number of needles I am going to use and then I mark the stitch numbers on it. Makes it very easy to find the right stitch in a jiffy!!

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