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Converting "Yarn Overs" into Knit Stitches

How to Knit Bobble

Take sts 38 and 37 off ndls on a knitting ndl or waste yarn. Leave st 36
in place. Also remove sts 35 and 34 from ndls and put on same knitting
ndl or waste yarn. Take st 36 off the ndl and twist it to the left.
Once the bobble is knitted, it will be twisted back to the right again so
that the knit side will show and the st will again be in the right
position. Hold twisted st in place between thumb and forefinger and put
latch hook through loop from behind and above twisted part of stitch and
pull the yarn that is coming from st 35 through st 36. Yarn is
moving from left to right. Hang loop on ndl 38. New st formed. Hang
yarn over ndl 37 as in a yarn over. 2d st formed. Pull new loop through
st 35 and hang on ndl 36. 3d st formed. Hang yarn over ndl 35 as in a
yarn over. 4th st formed. Pull another loop through st 36 and hang on
ndl 34. 5th st formed. Since there are so few sts and rows, it is
faster to knit them manually.
Row 2&3 Knit across all five sts.
Row 4 Move st 2 to ndl 1, then both sts back to ndl 2
Move st 5 to ndl 4. Knit.
Row 5 Move st 3 to ndl 2, then both to ndl 4, then all 3 to ndl 3.
Knit through remaining st. Bobble formed.

Take st off ndl, twist the knitted piece back to the right so that the
knit side of the bobble is now facing forward and put the st back on ndl
36. Yarn should be coming down from left side of the st. Replace sts
37, 38, 35, and 34 on their ndls. Remove carriage from left side of bed
and put it on right side of bed. Put ndls 1-36 to holding position.
Push ndls 37-50 to forward working position with latches open. Pull up
slack in yarn and knit across, holding bobble down with claw weight if
necessary to keep it out of the way.



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