Ivy Lace Pattern

from Barbara Walker's book

Charted Knitting Designs "A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns"

This is another pretty and unusual lace pattern and it's not hard to do, none of them are really hard to to, some just take longer than others! This sample was knitted with RH 4-ply and keyplate 3.


Because the extra 3 stitches are on the left for so many rows, then on the right for so many rows, it was not practical to number the stitches consecutively on the needle bed. I just marked them from 1-7 for each repeat on the lower half of the tape, then staggered them on the upper part of it. If you mark yours the same way with two colors, it shouldn't be hard to keep up with the transfers. Just move the sts marked in red along with the red text and the sts marked with blue along with the blue text. Let me know if you have any problems!

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