The KnitSmart Needlebed

This is part of a KnitSmart needle bed, this is from the 52-ndl Afghaner that I bought after my girls expressed an interest in knitting. Unfortunately, the interest didn't last all that long (sniffle) so it has not even been put together. I figured I'd keep it just in case - they might get into knitting again later (hope, hope)! This is also in sections like the Bond and there is a continuous needle strip, well, actually, there are two, but they fit very nicely into the recessed part and I don't think they will come off very easily. Because the part with the number strip extends past the needle retainers, you cannot use the ISM carriage on this bed unless you made some adjustments, maybe?

Each section of the bed has 26 needles and also two pre-drilled holes underneath so that if you added on additional sections, you could still clamp the machine to the table at the ends. There are no metal rods, but the sections fit together very much like the Bond does.


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