Lion Chart

In this chart, the colors are shown as they will be on the front. I used light blue and white although the shade as shown is definitely more lifelike. In order to get the right image on the right side, you'll need to arrange the yarns so that the lighter shade is always furthest away from you as you lay the yarns across the needles, the darker shade closer to you because the background on the front needs to be in the lighter of the two colors. As you knit, you will see on the purl side a view that resembles the negative of a picture. The pins will be hooked between needles on either the lighter or darker shade as is indicated on the chart and depending on the direction in which the carriage is moving. The background that is facing you should be in the darker color, the features of the lion in the lighter color. Here the single stitches will need to be repurled. Sometimes groups of two stitches will flip ok when a pin is hooked there, sometimes they won't. In that case you might have to repurl them.


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