Pink Purl Flower in White Oval Frame with Pink Purl Border on a Pink Knit Background

Good grief, what a long name!


Since this chart is in the color combination that will show on the purl side, you will have to arrange the yarn strands so that the pink yarn is furthest away from you as it is the main color on the front. Then hook a pin on the pink strand on each row between the first and second needle. When moving to the right with the carriage, hook a pin to the right of the first pink stitch on the chart but on the white strand since that is the one you are trying to suppress on the purl side. Then hook another pin to the right of the next white stitch but hook it on the pink strand since that is the one you don't want any longer. When traveling to the left, just hang the pins to the left of those first needles that should be in the other color and on the strand of the opposite color as that shown in the chart. After you finish a row that has a number in a stitch column, count the purl bumps, insert your transfer tool into the stitch that many bumps down, release it from the needles and ladder it back up. The contrasting color strand should now come forward. I think this would make a pretty picture or a pillow front, you might have to adjust the number of stitches/rows to make it the right shape.

Here is what is will look like on the back:


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