Porcupine Quill Lace

from Kathleen Kinder's book "The Technique of Lace," converted from punch card into manual transfer instructions. This pattern is easy to do and has scalloped edges on both sides. It has an 8-stitch pattern repeat.


The sample was knitted with Jamie baby yarn and the Knitsmart 20 keyplate (Bond 2). I think this would make a beautiful shawl!

The easiest way I have found to work lace on my machine, is to take a piece of freezer tape, the length of the needles in work, fold it in half, then tape it with very small pieces of tape on top of the needle channels. Then I mark the pattern repeats. I use the same piece of tape for two patterns by marking a different repeat on the other side. For this pattern, I used a 3-prong transfer tool throughout although at times there was no stitch on the center prong. It's still faster to do than to switch tools and there's no need to anyway. I used the chart below (the number in parenthesis indicates that there is no stitch on center prong), a more detailed chart is further down on the page:




Detailed Chart




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