Sideways Knitted Shrug Chart

Red Heart 4-ply, less than one pound, keyplate 3. Gauge: 15 sts and 24 rows = 4 inches. Length from edge of one sleeve to edge of the other about 57", including scalloped edging. (Measured at longest points.) Length from center of back neck to bottom = 12". To my shame, I'll have to admit I did not wash the swatch before I knitted this shrug.

You would have to mark the row on the chart where the back begins to be slightly rounded (right side of chart) as this is the point where the sleeve seam ends. If you measure that same amount on the other edge of the sleeve, you should come out even. When you get to those rows on the machine, run a strand of yarn through those edge stitches so you can line up both sides later. The rounded parts on the left side of the chart are folded down and the sleeve edges are lined up and seamed.

For the pie crust edging, around the neck and side edges, I picked up three stitches, skipping one of the edge stitches between each one, and hung them on the machine. (I believe this is how it is supposed to be done as only the loose stitches are supposed to be picked up, not the ones that have the knots.) I knitted 8 rows, then hung the next three edge stitches on the same needles and knitted 8 more rows. For the lower edge, I skipped two edge stitches and hung every third on the machine, again knitting 8 rows across three stitches, then hanging the next three. I wanted this edge to be slightly gathered as it was a bit loose.

Upper Half of Chart




Lower Half of Chart


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