Slip One, Knit One, PSSO, Yarn Over

In hand knitting, it looks like this:

You can see that the stitch furthermost from the eyelet is on top and also that it is leaning in the left direction. So we'll need the same stitch on top, the one on the outside of the eyelet. I should mention also that when you knit from written hand knitting instructions, you should be working from the left side of your bed to the right side of the bed when making the decreases called for on knit rows. That is because you are working from the purl side - when you are hand knitting a right side (knit) row, you are working from the right to the left.

Again when you look at this transfer, you would think that it is going to lean in the wrong direction since it appears to be going to the left when on the back it ought to be leaning in the opposite direction, the right. That is because the eyelet comes after the decrease. After it is knitted it leans in the right direction.

This is the MK symbol for this transfer:

You can see that the longer line indicates that this stitch leans to the right and that is should be on top on the right side of the knitting. This is a simple transfer, the right stitch is transferred to the needle on the left. I don't know if I'll ever get all this stuff straight myself, yikes!!


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