The Knitsmart Tools

The tools for the KnitSmart machines are very similar to ours except that the latch hook tool has a handy beveled edge that opens those latches along the row like butter and also, as I mentioned in another page, the dual latch hook tool, a very handy gadget! There are more slots in the weighted hem and the weights also appear to be a bit lighter. I assume that they had the other future machines in mind when they constructed the plastic hem as it would work with other needle spacings too. The KnitSmart machine came with regular ravel cord and the Sweatermaker also had two heavy-duty claw weights. The manual will stand upright on its own which is practical and it is well written. There is the obligatory wax doughnut, this time without the center hole but it still doesn't seem to fit into the keyplates!

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This page last updated 10-September-1999