The Knitsmart Carriage

This is the KnitSmart carriage with the electronic row counter that came with the Sweatermaker. The non-electronic carriage looks the same, except it has no buttons. The handle sticks up much further than it shows here in the picture. Instead of a wire guide, there is a smoke-colored, plastic needle guide. The handle does not lock on top of the carriage, it just lifts up and out.

The strand of yarn feeds through the gap in the middle of the handle, through the pink nozzle and down through the slit in the needle guide and can be easily replaced by another if you need to work on both sides of a sweater at the same time.

The row counter works with a magnetic tripper that is attached under the back rail at the center of the bed. Each time the carriage passes it, the number goes down. This had me puzzled at first, I'm used to a row counter that counts upward! Since there is a way to store a number in memory, it's pretty practical when you're doing cables though. You set it for the number of rows to knit before each crossing and when it hits 0, you just press memory again and it's back to ten, or whatever you set it for...

The Knitsmart carriage will work on the Bond bed but the Bond carriage will not work on the Knitsmart bed without some type of adjustment, and I don't know what that would be.....let me know if you know of a way!

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