Uses for Cast on Comb Page Three


To Knit Rows of Large Stitches

Hang cast on comb over two needles in holding position outside the needles in use with a paper clip or anything that will keep it at the level desired. Push needles in use to forward working position.
Wrap yarn alternately around pins of comb and around needle hooks.

Pull needles back to working position - stitches will slide down over longer loops. Remove cast on comb, thread up carriage and continue to knit normally.

To cast on a piece of knitting with open loops, hang comb on two needles, alternately wrap yarn around pins and needles, thread up carriage and begin knitting. Loops at bottom can be pulled one through the other at the end for the bind off and one can also end with a row of larger loops as in the picture and bind them off the same way. One probably wouldn't want the loops to be quite as long as those in the picture.


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