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For Knit-Weaving

A second yarn is knitted-in over and under selected needles across the back of the knitting which becomes the right side. Normally a thinner yarn is used for the main fabric and a thicker yarn for the weaving. Yarns that may be too bulky for knitting can be used for weaving. Here every other needle is brought to forward working position but many different patterns can be done. Place yarn across those needles.
Hang cast on comb over weaving yarn between needles.
Push remaining needles forward. They will come out above the weaving yarn. Lift up cast on comb and remove. Push all needles back to forward working position, making sure latches are open. Knit. Repeat with alternate needles.



For thread-lace, regular yarn and a very thin thread are used. Some needles are knitted with both main yarn and thread while others are knitted with only the thread. This results in a very open effect and one can knit very pretty patterns. Probably a little time-consuming to use overall but might be nice at the neckline of a sweater.

The intarsia keyplate is used in the carriage, the yarn placed across the open needles. I prefer the ISM carriage without the wire guide.

For an allover lace effect, bring every other needle to forward working position and place the main yarn across the open hooks.

Hang cast on comb over yarn, in between the needles and push the remaining needles all the way forward.
Push needles from holding position back to forward working position, in line with the others. Lift up cast on comb and remove.
Place thread across all open needle hooks. Hold on lightly to both yarn and thread where they come off the needles and knit.
For the solid stitches, the thread is always knitted together with the main yarn, so there are never any floats across the back of the knitting.

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