Yarn Over, Knit 2 Together

In hand knitting, it looks like this:

In this sample you can see that the stitch that is furthermost from the eyelet is on top and also that it leans to the right. So on the machine we need to have the same stitch showing on the outside:

Actually, when you look at the machine knitted sample, it would seem that the stitch is leaning in the wrong direction. That is because the eyelet comes before the decrease. After the stitch is knitted, it will lean in the right direction.

The MK symbol for this decrease is:

The long line that is leaning shows that this stitch will slant to the left and also that it is to be outermost on the right side of the knitting. The other stitch has been transferred from the next needle. This is a simple move, you just move the stitch from the left side one needle to the right.


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